• July 8, 2018

How to Find Out Your Skin Type

What type of skin do you have? Before you can select the best skincare regimen, you really need to know what your skin really needs. Do your skin cells need more moisture, less oil or  are they okay the way they are?

Many of us think we know what type of skin we have, but we could easily misdiagnose it.  There are several factors that affect skin type, age being one of them. You may have experienced oily skin in your 20’s yet in your 40’s you noticed more drying.  Some of the other factors affecting skin type are genes, seasonal changes, temperature, hormonal changes, pollution, smoking, and diet. Knowing that these factors  may affect your skin, make it necessary to reassess your skin often to help assure that you are using the best product for your skin type.

How many skin types are there? The answer will vary depending on who you ask.  However, the common range is three to five.  I found one esthetician who has formulated her own skincare products for nine distinct types.  For the purpose of this article we will take a look at the three common types Dry, Oily, and Normal/Combination.

Have a girl friend ever asked you”What is your skin type?”  If you are like me you may answered something like this; “I don’t know.” How can I tell?”  They may not have known how to answer that question, leaving you wondering how to find your skin type.

It can be somewhat overwhelming. Today, we will take some of the mystery out of how to identify your skin type.

There are some simple methods to help you find  your skin types. These methods do not require any special equipment.

Dr. Rashmi Shetty, a skincare expert at glamrs.com  share a couple of basic techniques in the video below. These simple techniques or methods can be used at home to help you find your skin type.


Another way to find your skin type is to ask yourself a few questions or complete a skincare quiz.  Below are two online skincare quizzes that you can complete to help identify your skin type.

The first website is askthescientists.com which is created by a U.S. based company, USANA that sells nutritional and skincare products. To complete the quiz click link.


The second website, reneerouleau.com. Renee’ Rouleau is a celebrity esthetician, she formulated a line of skincare products for nine distinct skin types. Renee’s  Skin Type Quiz include questions related to the climate you live in and 3 main skincare concerns you may have.  You can sign up for her newsletter, but it is not required to take the quiz.  If you would like this optional click this link: Find Your Skin Type Now

Take both or just try either one; I think you will be pleased with what you find.  I have completed several online quizzes and the Tissue Test. Each time my skin type is consistently identified as dry.

Whether you identify your skin type yourself or allow an expert to do an evaluation, knowing your skin type will help you choose the best product(s) for radiant healthy skin.

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