• January 18, 2020

How to Grow Old Beautifully 7 Tips

Each decade brings new challenges and victories.  There are more  wrinkles, sighs, aches, pains and some regrets, but never a longing to relive a previous decade.  Our culture’s view of beauty as have a youthful physical appearance.  Really now, is that what beauty is all about?

I would rather think that each stage in our lives hold something beautiful for each one of us. Youth has its purpose, but so does the more mature.

My view of what is beautiful have changed over the years and I’m learning how to appreciate each day and decade. So, how can we grow old beautifully? Here are a few of my tips.

1.  Appreciate where you are day. Learn to love you. Get up each morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you, beautiful.” Though you a not where you want to be. Love you any way!  It sounds silly but it works!

2. Know your limits, but challenge them.  Sometimes we can do more than we think.  For example, if you can only do leg raises seated, do one seated. If you can only raise the leg 1/4 inch and the therapist wants you to train yourself to raise it 1 inch off the floor. Then learn the proper technique and practice whenever, you are seated.

By doing so, you have set a new limit for yourself.  “Life by the inch is a cinch. Life by the yard is hard.” Challenge your limits you maybe surprised by what you find!

3. Be patient with yourself.  A task you could complete in 5 minutes 5 years ago may take 10-15 minutes now. Take your time and enjoy the process. Hey, who knows, you might discover a new way of doing something that you can share with someone else.

4. Look your best every day. Attend to your personal hygiene, add a little make up (keep it simple, maybe some mascara) and dress to flatter your figure. You may say, “I don’t have figure”, but I’m here to tell you do!

What you wore 2 years ago may not flatter that figure or booster your confident, but a little trip to the store or shopping online might be just what you need. Never underestimate the power of a compliment on an outfit that play up your best features.

5. Try something new.  What about a Belly Dance class?  I know you are saying, “girl, right!” “Ok, it does not have to be a Belly Dance class”. Thought I would humor you! Think, something you have always wanted to do and never took the time. Something that interest you!

6. Cleanse your face and protect the skin. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser and protect your skin with a day and a night moisturizer.  As we age, some of us may not give much thought to the value of cleansing our skin.  We forget about environment-dirt, grime in the air and the fact that the body regenerates new cells.

Cleansing helps get rid of dead skin cells. With the dead cells washed away our face will look brighter. Don’t forget the sunscreen

7. Eat a balance diet.  Eating the proper foods will help fuel the body, provide energy, feed the skin and keep the insides working properly.  Fill up on lots of fruits and vegetables.

These are a few of things that I have found usefully as I age or mature.  I’m enjoying the process and laugh a lot at myself. Being beautiful is about appreciation and knowing the truth of who you are at any age. Physical beauty is only skin deep, but true beauty is found in the very soul and essence of who we are.

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