• January 21, 2020

How To Use the Skincare Finder Tool

How To Use the Skincare Finder Tool

Are you overwhelmed with the many choices of beauty products? Do you know which products to use based on your skincare concerns and needs?  Or are  you just too tired to care which skincare are available for you?  If you answered YES to any  of these questions, I would like to recommend the Skincare Finder Tool.

What is the Skincare Finder Tool?

It is a 3- questions questionnaire designed to help you choose skincare products based on your concerns. It should take 2-4 minutes to complete.  After completing the questionnaire you will receive a list of recommended products.  You have the options to print the results or save them (to save you must have an account).

Though this skincare tool was created specifically for Avon Independent Sales Representatives, the categories of  recommended products follow a basic skincare regimen. Ex. cleanser, moisturizers (day and night), serum (facial & eye), etc.


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