• December 17, 2019

How to Make Your Facial Cleanser Last Longer

Skincare RegimenThis is one of those “I discovered it by accident” tips. One evening while preparing for my nightly beauty routine, I splashed my face with water and then proceed to apply a facial cleanser to my face.  To my surprise, the amount of cleanser I normally applied was too much. 

This experiment was done several times, one with a wet face towel and another by splashing my face with water.  Same results! Therefore,  I  discovered by wetting my face I could use less facial cleanser; which can calculate into beauty product savings.

May I suggest you try this trick too and see if you will use less cleanser. This simple trick could help  you spend less money on your favorite cleanser.

Another way that you can make your cleanser last longer is how it is applied. Some people may applied the cleanser by scoop it out using a finger, place it in the palm of their hand, then rub it on their face with the fingers. Others may scoop cream from jar, rub hands together, then using both hands apply cleanser to face. If you use either of these methods usually you will need to scoop more cleansing cream from the jar or pump more lotion into the palm of the hand to completely cover the  face.

However, if you would like to save money by applying less cleanser view the video below. Though this video was created to make moisturizers last longer the technique can easily be applied to applying a facial cleanser.

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